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Classes & Booking A Trial

New Beginnings - Get Fit - Fun Team Environment

New beginnings are hard, we understand that. Sometimes its hard to take the first step, to say "YES, IM DOING IT."

Our gym community is super friendly and the coaching staff are super enthusiastic and make the classes fun, which takes away a lot of the anxiousness of trying something new out. 

To book a free trial, scroll to the bottom of this page.

Its important to not feel obligated or pressured into signing up when you are not quite sure, that's why we offer the first week free. 

As part of your trial week you will be amongst our team who all started where you are now. 

In the classes you will get a great feel for the place, the community we have built. L9G is more than a place that produces amazing fighters, we pride ourselves on the friendships and family feel we have created in a safe for everyone environment.

Things you will need and to consider before joining:


Our Intro Classes are run at the same time as our kids classes (separate areas) meaning we can cater for the whole family. This class is super fun, will get your heart rate up and you will learn all the fundamentals of Muay Thai, how to kick, punch, knee and elbow and how to defend yourself. These classes are a must for all new members no matter their experience level. They are Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6 PM for 45 minutes. After your trial is complete you will need to get some gloves for training, these are not expensive $50-$80, we can help with this. 









Our Kids Class starts from age 5, we love having the kids along getting involved, however from time to time we find some kids are more interested in talking to each other than listening to the coach, if we have to repeatedly talk to your child due to behavior or causing hold ups to other students we may suggest that they take a few months off until they are ready to train properly.

Kids will need their own gloves once they become a member. The cost of these is about $30 - $60, please ask us to help with these.

The Trial Classes Are FREE. The trial includes two consecutive Tuesday/Thursday classes in a 5 day period, after that a membership will be required. We have gloves you can borrow for your trial classes.

Our Fighter Classes are Monday, Wednesday and Friday. All members with a full membership are welcome to train in the gym while these are on, however coaching staff and fight team members are not expected to help in the class, so you will do your own thing with other non fight team gym members.


Fight team members will need a full membership

Bootcamps/Quake Rounds are at 6 on Mondays and Wednesdays and 8-9 Saturdays are open to all gym members with a full membership.

Our Bootcamps; Have been very popular with a wide range of fitness and age levels, they take about 25 minutes and are different every time, cardio crossed with plyometrics and body weight exercises, on average you will burn 200-500 calories if you go hard enough.

Our Quake Rounds; Are designed to give extremely explosive power to our fighters and to completely burn out their bodies by flooding their muscles with lactic acid. This boosts their ability to tolerate intense, prolonged exertion, making it hugely beneficial for endurance athletes looking to build muscle. 


Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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