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New Beginnings - Get Fit - Fun Team Environment

New beginnings are hard, we understand that. Sometimes its hard to take the first step, to say "YES, IM DOING IT."

Our gym community is super friendly and the coaching staff are super enthusiastic and make the classes fun, which takes away a lot of the anxiousness of trying something new out. 


Its important to not feel obligated or pressured into signing up when you are not quite sure, that's why we offer the first week free. 

As part of your trial week you will be amongst our team who all started where you are now. 

In the classes you will get a great feel for the place, the community we have built. L9G is more than a place that produces amazing fighters, we pride ourselves on the friendships and family feel we have created in a safe for everyone environment.




If you or you have kids starting at Lucky Nine Gym after completing the trial class there is some gear that will be needed ASAP for the classes.

Boxing Gloves: Kids 4-8oz. Teens/Adults 10-14oz (If you intend on sparring you will need 16oz)

Shin Guards: Leather is preferred especially for adults but elastic is fine for class drills and very affordable (Elastic is only acceptable for kids in sparring however)

A Mouthguard: While there is no contact to the head in our classes, accidents can happen. 

Our preferred gear supplier is FIGHTHQ.COM.AU


Our Introduction to Muay Thai 12+ Classes

Are run at the same time as our kids classes (separate areas) meaning we can cater for the whole family. This class is super fun, will get your heart rate up and you will learn all the fundamentals of Muay Thai, how to kick, punch, knee and elbow and how to defend yourself. These classes are a must for all new members no matter their experience level. They are Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6 PM for 45 minutes. After your trial is complete you will need to get some gloves for training, these are not expensive $50-$80, we can help with this. 

Sparring & Open Mats

Sparring is offered to all students as a way to test out their skills in a safe environment, for this students will need all their own protective gear. The Open Mats are also part of having a sparring membership, this enables students to use the gym facilities on the Monday and Wednesday nights while the Fighter class is on. Students may wish to do a work out, hit the bags or work on pads with another member if someone is there


6 month membership. All Classes, train as a fighter including pad work with a trainer. There are fitness requirements outside of gym time that are not negotiable. This membership cannot be cancelled if you change your mind. There is a minimum period of 6 months, 5 nights a week in this class to fight. 

You will need 6 monthly blood testing at your own cost. Hep A, B, C and HIV. You will need all your own protective gear including 16oz gloves, shin protection, mouthguard and groin protection. 

L9G Management reserves the right to decide if fighters are ready enough to compete and at what level. 

Trial Classes Are Free

Tuesdays at 6pm are when the trial classes are run, with the rest of this week being free for you to come along to all our classes. From there if you wish to keep training with us a membership will be required and you will need to sort your own gloves. We have gloves you can borrow for your trial classes.


MONDAY 5:00pm - 7:30pm

Fighters Pads and Clinch or Drills

TUESDAY 6pm - 6:45pm

Warm Up 15 minutes (on arrival before class)

Intro Ages 12+ & Kids Ages 7-11

6:45 Sparring

WEDNESDAY 5:00pm - 7:30pm

Fighters Pads and Clinch or Drills

THURSDAY 6pm - 6:45pm

Warm Up 15 minutes (on arrival before class)

Intro Ages 12+ & Kids Ages 7-11

6:45 Sparring

FRIDAY 6pm Muay Thai Drills


8am Quake Rounds

3:30pm -5:00pm Sparring

Free Trial Classes are on Tuesdays


Two Family Members - 3 Months - $25 Weekly. 

5-12 Kids Tuesday and Thursday, $10 weekly 3 months

5-12 Two Kids Tuesday and Thursday, $15 weekly 3 months

Intro Classes Only - Tuesday and Thursdays, $15 weekly 6 months. 

Intro Classes Only - Tuesday and Thursdays, $20 weekly 3 months.

Intro, Sparring and Open Floor 12 month membership $25 weekly.

Intro, Sparring and Open Floor 6 month membership $35 weekly.

Intro Classes 6 months pay up front $360. 

Family 3 plus, Tuesday and Thursday,  $35 weekly 3 months.

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