Getting Started & Booking A Trial

New Beginnings - Get Fit - Fun Team Environment

New beginnings are hard, we understand that. Sometimes its hard to take the first step, to say "YES, IM DOING IT."

Our gym community is super friendly and the coaching staff are super enthusiastic and make the classes fun, which takes away a lot of the anxiousness of trying something new out. 

Its important to not feel obligated or pressured into signing up when you are not quite sure, that's why we offer the first week free. 

As part of your trial week you will be amongst our team who all started where you are now. 

In the classes you will get a great feel for the place, the community we have built. L9G is more than a place that produces amazing fighters, we pride ourselves on the friendships and family feel we have created in a safe for everyone environment.

Things you will need and to consider before joining: 

You will need your own 14oz gloves, a mouthguard and a pair of shin guards as soon as you can after your trial classes if you decide to get a membership - We can point you in the right direction for all budgets and all of this will be around $100. This is for some of the training drills... you wont have any head or hard body contact, this is just pre cautionary and its always nice to have the gear if you wish to try the sparring classes. 


Thank you! We’ll be in touch.