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If you need help emotionally, please reach out to any of our senior staff or members no matter the time or reason.

Clean the toilet seat and floor if you miss the target.

Crying is an acceptable behavior.

Offer to help any females in the gym or when representing the gym. Open doors and be courteous.


There is a girls only cabinet in the toilet, feel free to help yourself if you need.

Crying is absolutely fine.

If you need help emotionally, please reach out to any of our female senior staff or members no matter the time or reason.

Replace the empty toilet roll.


Positive encouragement only, for your child and others. 

Any comments, concerns or opinions on coaching, how we coach, class structure, other kids or parents comes directly to gym management.

Training is not a competition. 

Any gossip, opinions or otherwise overheard by others, via message or out of the gym will not be tolerated.

If your child is a bully to other kids, hits kids, is naughty or disrespectful we will tell you and this will need to be addressed, please remember our goal is for the kids to have fun in a safe environment. 

Please respect our opinion on where your child is at training wise, we have no agenda and kids are treated equally, especially when there are requirements for competing. Our opinions as coaches are collaborative as to eliminate any bias.

All Members:

Wear deodorant

No baggy t shirts, dress ups, princess/fairy clothes, gang related clothing.

Remove all jewelry and piercings.

Arrive with enough time to get your hand wraps on so you don't hold up the class

Inappropriate behavior towards members, staff or each other will not be tolerated. This includes social media, messaging and photography of any student without their consent (any photography or video of anyone under 17 needs parental consent BEFORE proceeding)

Bullying or gossip towards other members outside of the gym will not be tolerated and this can risk immediate termination of your membership. Please if you have something to say bring it to us first to resolve.

The gym has a zero tolerance towards inappropriate sexual behavior, bullying or violent acts in or out of the gym.

Female coaches are not expected to take any personal training with male members unless they are comfortable to do so.

Males coaches and students are not permitted to take any personal training with female students one on one Under 18 unless supervised, and should refer these requests to female coaching staff. 

If you are representing the gym or are supporting gym members at events please wear gym apparel if possible, be respectful to other gyms and know your limits if you are drinking. 

Coaching Staff:

No female staff are expected to PT any male student if they do not feel comfortable to do so. Saying NO is enough, no explanation is required

Male coaches are not to PT one on one with any female student under 20 years of age unsupervised. 

Discussing or sharing medical records, medical information of students is forbidden.

Allowing students into sparring without the correct gear is not allowed. 

Consent of students is required before sharing photos/videos.

Training Gear:

Trial Gear - We have gloves that you are welcome to borrow while you take part in your two trial classes. You will need to get your own gloves if you choose to get a membership. We can help you out with this and point you in the right direction.

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