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Southern Fight Medics

Ensuring Professional Fight Event Safety

Southern Fight Medics are a team of registered nurses who are using their skills to ensure the safety of fighters from pre fight medical checks right through to post fight checks and making sure that all fighters can make it home safe and can continue to fight another day.

Having good medics means that your show runs smoother and that everybody knows what to do in an emergency, weather that is a knock out, broken bone, a cut or even an emergency in the crowd - There are a lot of unfortunate things that can happen at an event and often there is no plan or procedure to deal with these.... Well until now. 

SFM has procedures for unexpected medical situations at your event, and systems to help coaches and family's to recognize the signs a fighter is not right once the show is over. As well as this we also have back to training plans for fighters dealing with head trauma. 

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How It Works and What We Provide

For your show we prefer to be there from the start to the finish, bookings are essential at least 6 weeks from the show date. The following is inclusive of the cost:

1. We arrive on time for prefight medical checks of fighters, please see our fighter MEDICAL Check Pdf

This is to be signed by the fighter AND the coach.  We will use all 3 medics to ensure medical checks are not holding up the show. We will turn up with our own medical forms and medical waivers. 

2. We will be part of the fighters brief, here we will explain the process for emergency situations, stand down requirements and post fight medic check procedures. Please check out our EMERGENCY PROCEDURES Pdf

3. Once the show starts our medics will be split into two areas. A ringside medic and two medics in the fighters walkout waiting area for pre and post fight checks. This also means that should a 2nd medic be needed elsewhere fighters can still get the required post fight checks done and not hold up the show.


Our medics are familiar with stoppage processes. They also will discuss with the fight referee if the fighter is able to continue. If required a 2nd medic can help if both corners need attention.

6. Post fight our ringside medics will notify the coaches of any stand down recommendations, these could range from 2-6 weeks to ensure fighters return to training safely. These stand downs can be for a number of reasons ranging from 8 counts, TKO or knockout or simply from noted major head trauma. Please see our SFM CONCUSSION BOOK Pdf

7.  Our medics out back will check over and examine fighters once they return back through the walkout waiting area, treat any cuts etc monitor symptoms and sign off the post fight medic form. They will also explain to the fighter and coach/corner any concussion symptoms to watch for and show them where to find further back to training information.  In most cases cuts can be treated with glue and Sterile strips. Any Major wounds that require stiches will require anesthetic and will be sent to the nearest emergency department.

8. Once the show is over our Head Medic will advise the promoter of any stand downs and major injuries verbally and discuss any follow ups needed. This will be done electronically the next day.

All fighters with stand downs will be added to a confidential stand down register where tally's of concussions will also be kept. This information can be requested at anytime by a coach or promoter by contacting us. Coaches will also be sent a copy of the Concussion Book to ensure fighters have guidance on returning to training safely.

No medical records or waivers will be kept by us after the show. These will be destroyed after 2 weeks from show date to ensure fighter privacy is confidential.


Our pricing is for medics available from 1 hour before the shows start time, until the last fighters have been checked off.

- Large show 3 medics,  1 hour pre fight checks + 3-6 hour show run time - $600  

- Small day show 2 medics, 1 hour pre fight checks + 1-3 hour show run time - $400

- Where shows run longer than quoted time, medics will be charged at an additional $100/hour.

- Additional travel costs over 150km are $35 per 100 km traveled, calculated currently from the nearest medic base of Christchurch or Timaru. This covers ALL 3 medics. If travel to the North Island is required, the promoter will cover the cost of flights, rentals and accommodation for all 3 medics. 


- Sanctioning waivers, this is the promotors responsibility.

- Sanctioning medical forms, we have our own medical check forms that will be destroyed after the show to maintain fighter privacy.




- A seat and small table ringside with clear access to the ring/cage entrance

- A table big enough to seat 6 people in a quiet area near the fighters walkout area, we will check them straight after their fights as they return back to the backstage area.

- To be introduced the the promoter, the official sanction representative for the show, timekeepers and MC.

- 4 copies of the shows fight card.


If you wish to book us in we would love to hear from you. Simply fill out the fields below OR hit the Messenger icon.


Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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