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Gym Manager

Head Coach 


Hi I’m Kaitlyn.

I am a fighter, but first, I am a girl who has a passion for life and a lot of love for people.

When I'm coaching at the gym I will dedicate all my energy and time into growing you to be the best version of yourself. Regardless what your goals are I will help you get there. Want to fight? Awesome, I’ll teach you how to kick ass. Want to learn a new skill and feel empowered? I can do that.

I have been fighting for 6 years and coaching for 3 so I know exactly what it takes to apply yourself and achieve great things.

If you want to be a part of our team I can guarantee you won’t regret it!

Cya soon

WBC World Ranked #2 Oct 2023

WMO World Ranked #4 Oct 2023

ISKA South Island 60 kg Contender 2017

ISKA South Island 60 kg Champion 2019

AMTA NZ Champion 63.5 kg 2019

WKBF Light Welterweight Challenger 2020

WKBF Lightweight Champion 2021

WKN Lightweight Contender 2021

AMTA Pro Lightweight Champion 2022

FIghting Talk NZ Female Fighter of the Year 2022

Qualified Personal Trainer



11W 7L 2KO Muay Thai. 1995 & 1996 NZ Tae Kwon Do Open Class Champion 46 Competition Fights
Aotearoa Muay Thai Association Founder
Fighting Talk NZ Podcast Creator
Level 3 Judge and Referee

Gym Owner

Head Coach


Hi I'm Scott

I have coached and guided fighters over 250 times for competition, from kids to professional fighters and NZ champions, while with other students I've helped them to feel a sense of achievement, simply getting into shape or to gain confidence in their world.

I have made many mistakes along the way, professionally and personally but I have never quit, never given up on a student, learned from my mistakes and always had the whole team as my top priority since opening the gym in 2014.

I can personally assure you that at our gym you will be respected by all members and coaching staff and will get the same attention put into you no matter how small or large your goal.and find yourself.

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