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At Lucky Nine Gym we take our kids training seriously, we expect them to work well as a team and that they give 100 percent for the duration of the class.

The classes are run by two coaches, and the class is a mixture of basic technique, drills, padwork and fitness. 

We take the view that kids need good role models and support which is why L9G is a popular choice for families wanting to help their children through school bullying, confidence and social anxiety... we are not afraid to discuss tough issues with the kids and help encourage them to be strong.

We dont do participation awards, we recognize success from hard work. 


The age group for this class is from 7 to 11 years old. Although we have taken kids on from ages 5 in the past we feel they are too young to take on this type of training and work without disrupting others

Class Times and Free Trials

Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:00pm - 6:45pm. Be at the gym by 5:55pm latest to complete warm up.

We offer a free weeks trial to make sure you are happy with what we are doing. The first class for the trial is always the Tuesday. 

To sort out a free trial, click the FREE TRIAL link at the bottom of this page

Kids Class Rules

We dont expect kids to be amazing all the time however we do expect the following

1. No talking back to coaches, and to be listening when the coaches are talking

2. No bullying or hitting other students

3. No being disruptive in the class

4. To give 100 percent in the class

5. Be respectful to older students and adults.

6. To arrive with shoes suitable for running, to be dressed appropriately, shorts, leggings, t shirt etc. No tracksuits, dresses, baggy clothes.

Constant behavioural issues will be addressed with parents. We certainly appreciate some kids learn differently and have troubles that can be disruptive unintentionally and we try our very best to accomadate all kids into Muay Thai, however we also want the outcome of the kids end goal to be compeditive, polite and learn valuable lessons needed as they transition into teens.

Costs and Signing Up

Our costs are for a 3 month fixed term, once this is complete memberships will resume on a weekly/fortnightly plan unless we are notified. There is a $15 one off administration fee. Our memberships are run via Direct Debit through Debit Success, and can be set up weekly or fortnightly to suit you. 

1 Child $10 weekly

2 Children $15 weekly

Families - Our Adults Intro class runs at the same time as the kids classes

1 Child & 1 Adult $25 weekly

3+ Family $35 weekly

If you wish to sign up please follow the SIGN UP link at the bottom of this page

Training Gear

If you decide that our gym is a great place for your kids, and a membership is taken on your kids will need some gear, we can point you in the right direction as it does not need to be top of the line and expensive.

Kids will need their own gloves, shin guards and a mouthguard - Gloves come in weights not sizes, and for kids in this class we recommend 6-8oz. With Shinguards please talk to us first so we can help with sizes and types. Click on the Fight HQ link below to be taken to our preferred supplier.

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