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Tradition - Empowerment -  Support - Sisterhood

Witchpack is the L9G female fight team. 

It was created in 2015 and has long been associated with strong female fighters, from novices to NZ champions.

This team is for any female of any age who wishes to compete, and on completion of her 5th fight she will receive her Witchpack patches - No easy feat. 

These females have strong training and support values, they recognize the need for looking out for each other, the importance of role models and the benefits of friendship and leadership outside of the gym as well.

Although Witchpack is about fighters, it also extends to supporting any female who walks into the gym by giving the reassurance and the encouragement she needs to help her build confidence while becoming part of the strong sisterhood that Lucky Nine Gym females are known for. 

To date there has only been 7 fighters to achieve full Witchpack status. 



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